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By: Marvin Germo | January 3, 2018

Invest as much as you can, as early as you can!

As we begin the new trading year, the stock market hit another high! Investors got so excited as the PSEi broke past the 8,700 mark for the very first time! This is the highest that our market has ever hit throughout its entire existence! When I started investing more than 10 years ago, 8,700 was something that seemed far fetched but guess what, from where we now, we are proving critics wrong. The Philippine economic growth story is here to stay and to show the world that we are zooming higher like never before! As good as this may sound, the sad this about this is, we still have less than 1% of the population investing in the stock market and I really wish there could be more!

My greatest desire is to see more and more Filipinos be part of this economic miracle that we are seeing in front of our very eyes! I hope this short video gives you a quick nudge to actually start and make 2018 the greatest investing year in your life. I dream of an expanding middle class and a solid number of Filipino investors so adept with investing, that the stock market is something that becomes so normal that it gets talked about anywhere and everywhere. I dream of a day that it would be something talked about in our MRTs and coffee shops. I dream that we change the status quo of how Filipinos invest.

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Why Should You Invest?

1. Because history is on your side and that good stocks will always be poised to go higher each year over the long term.

2. When you invest as early as now, you build your skill and character which in turn will position you to grow repeated wealth over the long term.

3. The Philippine economy is one of the hottest economies in the world and its just fitting for Filipinos to be part of the growth.

Enjoy the video!


I hope this video isn’t just a good piece of information that sounds good but I hope that this video causes you to take action and invest.

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