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Should you invest in US Stocks?

By: Marvin Germo | February 15, 2021

Investing in stocks is an asset class that can give you long term capital appreciation that is something that needs to be studied. There are stocks that you can study the beta that is more volatile than others while there are others that are less volatile.  Aside from investing in Philippine stocks, you can also invest in US stocks.  I would encourage you to try the Philippine stocks market first. This will give you armors when you venture into international markets.

Once you are aware of how the stock market works, you can venture into the US stock market next. You can use the same strategies you use in PSEI. You can also screen stocks and narrow down your options so you won’t end up getting overwhelmed. The US stock market is a huge place. And it can give you tons of opportunities to profit.

Before opening an account with a US stock broker, let me give you some ideas why venturing into the US stock market is a good option.

Endless opportunities

You don’t have to limit yourself to buying stocks that are only available in the local market. The US stock market has a lot of opportunities stored for you. If you are not successful in trading Philippine stocks, maybe trading US stocks is better for you. The US stock market offers thousands of companies to buy. Actually, they are too many that you might end up spending all your night looking at each one of them. Of course, you only need to watch out for the good ones.

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It’s affordable to invest

Another good thing about venturing into the US stock market is that you don’t need a huge amount to open an account. You can invest with as low as $200 or 10,000 pesos. There are brokers that require cheaper than $200.. Like in the local market, you can find a broker that will allow you to put your small money and use it to buy good companies. To invest in US Stocks – Click this.

You get strong support from your co-investors

Many investors and traders are starting to invest in US stocks. In fact, you can find Filipino groups who are supporting each other in terms of what stocks to buy. You can use Facebook to search for these groups and join them for free. You can also watch Youtube videos initiated by local investors and traders. Filipinos also offer free coaching and mentoring. You are lucky if you find someone who shares his knowledge with you. So, even if you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with US stocks, you already have lots of people supporting your journey.

You can screen  stocks easily

Lastly, it’s easier to invest  Remember that stocks are volatile. Trade responsibly. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify. Put small amounts in volatile stocks. Study each penny stock where you plan to put your money.

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