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Why you should be putting in more money in your investments now

By: Marvin Germo | February 12, 2021

Time and money are both essential. But what goes first when you’re young? Is it time? Or money? Let me help you figure that out. As you are just starting exploring the world, you actually have more time than money. If you are a young professional, you have a long way to go to earn a 6-digit salary. You might need to spend decades being a corporate employee before you earn a high income.

With your time, which is obviously your advantage to old folks, you can earn more than those who have been corporate slaves all their lives. You can exceed that 6-digit salary. You can be successful without reaching the age of retirement. You can retire young. If you want all of this, today is the right time to put more money into your investments.

You have more time to invest

When investing, it’s not actually the amount that matters. It’s the time that you should be worried about. You have more time than other people, considering that you are young. You have more chances and opportunities. You have more time to invest. You should put more money into your investments now because you have more time than anyone else. You can double or triple your small money with a lot of time you have.

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You have control over your expenses

Assuming you are single, you still have control over your expenses. You can still manage your bills. You can still get rid of unnecessary expenses. You can still establish a budget and allocate a certain percentage for your investments. Use this to your advantage. Put more money in your investment when you still can. When you find a family in the future, it would be harder to set aside money for your personal goals. Your money would be for your family and kids. So, while you still can manage and budget your money, invest more.

There are more options now

A lot of companies are starting their IPOs. It’s not only the Philippine stock market that you should look into. There are other markets such as that of the US, Europe, or Hong Kong. There are actually more options now than ever. This is the best opportunity for you to decide where to put your money and to diversify. You have more chances now to choose what kind of investments you want to invest in.

You don’t have other priorities yet

When you are young, you prioritize buying your first car, your home, and other assets young professionals would want to buy for themselves. Other than that, you don’t have any other priorities. Unlike someone who has a family already, you have all your money for you. Again, that’s another advantage you can use. While you can, set aside more money for your investments. While you are not yet paying for your kids’ tuition fees, put more money into your investments. While you are not yet working to feed your own family, put more eggs in your baskets. While you are still single, let your money work for you.

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