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Why You Should Invest in UITF

By: Marvin Germo | May 11, 2019

For Those Who Are Doubtful To Invest In Stocks

Investors don’t always have the courage to take the risk especially when it comes to investing. A big percentage of the population is still doubtful to put their money on something that is not consistent. If you’re part of this who is afraid to embrace the risk, don’t worry because there’s an alternative for you. You can still invest and set aside your worries. UITF is one of the ideal alternatives for conservative investors who want long-term growth. In this article, I will share with you why investing in UITF is one of the best alternatives for those who are afraid to venture into stocks and bonds.

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Best Investment For Your Retirement Funds

Some investors aim for higher and faster returns while some just want to invest for the long-term so they can retire as early as possible. One of the good characteristics of UITF is that it is a great channel if you are investing for retirement. While you are assessing your long-term needs, you can withstand your funds’ fluctuations. And as you invest regularly, your funds become higher so as the compound interest you’re earning from your investment. Just make sure you avoid taking out your money each time you see it grow. Instead of withdrawing, aim to invest more.

You Don’t Need A Lot Of Money To Start

Yes, investing in UITF doesn’t require you so much funds. In fact, you can invest for as low as P10,000 depending on the rules of the fund manager you chose. A great example of this is the Easy Investment Program of BDO wherein you can have an account with a minimum of P1,000 per month. Isn’t it a great idea especially for those who are just starting? For sure, other banks will start to implement the same program to open opportunities for new investors. On the other side of this idea of not needing a lot of money to start, keep in mind that investing in UITF will cost you management fees which is fair because fund managers will make the money work for you.

UITF Is On The Growth Side

Another good feature of UITF is that it is on the growth side rather than on the losing side. Some investors are brave to take the higher risk for higher yields considering that the bad years will lead to negative growth. Remember that you can always avoid risks by choosing other alternatives like UITF, which is dependent on the funds you have opted to invest in. Since this is pooled investment and the people who will manage the money are professional and skilled, your investment is likely to grow and perform well if you leave it sitting for years.

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