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By: Marvin Germo | September 12, 2019

Start As Early As Now

While you are young, start buying your assets. Your cash won’t change its value if you just put it in a savings account for the rest of your life. Use it to buy things that appreciate in value like property and land. Work hard, save, and invest the money you earned while you can still hustle triple times than the older generation. Take advantage of what you can do as a young professional so that when the time comes when you want to retire, you won’t have to chase time and start your empire when it’s too late. Use your knowledge of the modern world to step ahead of other people.

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Addition To Your Wealth

You must buy your asset as early as now until you accumulate enough to call them your wealth. It’s not just cash you need to save for your retirement. You also need properties, houses, investments, and businesses because they tend to last longer than cash. Start purchasing something that will add up to your value as an individual. Buying assets is for your own good, not for the benefit of your friend or your co-investor. While you are still young, think of saving and earning because this will benefit you in the long run.

Lifetime Benefit

Accumulating your assets while you can still work and earn twice as much as other people will give you lifetime benefit. That’s right—lifetime benefit because assets don’t deteriorate easily. They don’t perish after years. They don’t expire after weeks. The only time your assets will be useless is if you sell them or you abandon them. Else, they will provide you lifetime advantage. The good thing about assets, especially if they are easy to liquidate, is that you can convert them to cash by selling them when you need money for emergencies and other circumstances. Plus, they appreciate in value as time passes by.

For Your Family’s Advantage

Instead of putting your cash in your bank account for a long time and letting it sit there without earning, you and your family would benefit if you use it to buy lands, apartment units, and investments. Your assets are transferrable and can be inherited by your family members. It’s not just you who can benefit when you save assets as early as now, even your loved ones when something unexpected happens to you. And when you retire, you can also choose to distribute your wealth to them as a sign of gratitude.

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