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Why You Shouldn’t Stop Investing

By: Marvin Germo | March 3, 2019

When The Market is Down

If there is a time to start investing, is there a time to stop it? A lot of people especially those who are new to investing are likely to ask this question. When the market is down, investors feel discouraged and scared that they might lose their money if it this continues. It’s common and understandable because a lot of us don’t get to experience good during the bad times. Only few are courageous to double or triple down when the market is bad and if you will try to track those people down, they are now billionaires and millionaires. To help you with your investing decisions, here are the things that I believe the reason why you shouldn’t stop investing.

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Market Has Ups and Downs

It’s okay to feel discouragement as a beginner. If you are considering to stop investing just because the market is down, you are missing one important thing as an investor: the market is going to get better. When the market has risen from it’s fall, you should be in the position of getting your benefit from it. It will only be possible you stay on the course and continue on saving and investing even when the market is down.

Higher Value of Investments When The Market Improves

Another reason why you shouldn’t stop is because of the value that can lose if you get off the track. When the market is down, your investment will shrink as expected. If you continue on investing more despite the shrinkage, you will have larger values when the cycle of the market turns up again. Imagine buying stocks for as low as 5 PHP during the fall of the market and having 100 PHP as a make-up for the fallen value when the market gets better.

Your Market Judgement Will Stabilize

It is true that as you go on with your investing plans, you will learn a lot during the process. Not everyone has the opportunity to improve their judgement when it comes to the market. Only brave investors are likely to stabilize their decision-making skills. If you will stop investing when the market is down and you plan to go back when it moves up again, your ability to judge the movement of the market will get lost on the way. And it means you have to put a larger investment so you can recover your losses. So I recommend you stay on track so you can learn how the market moves.

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